Friday, May 13, 2005
Runnin never was much fun All it did was bring me down Chasin' 'round isn't where it's at Tension puts you in the ground....

On that note......

Can anyone blame me for ignoring my blog.
I am being stalked by people from IPS all across the world who need to know how to get rid of hickeys.
And who suddenly need to buy Clark's Wallabies.
I ate lobster for lunch today,which made me think of crocodiles which made me think of the Lacoste stuff I have on *watch* on ebay,which made me Google this hottie.

The lobster was no where near as snacky as pseudo-emo boy here from Nordstroms.

Incase I get in trouble for hotlinking then I plead the 5th.
People with hickeys across the world will be e-shopping at their fine department store because of me....

Posted at 04:11 pm by melsybop


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