Tuesday, July 26, 2005
RazzledazzelEM and they'll beg you for more....

So tell me if I should lie on the couch for this......
So as a child I had this doll...a Ken doll.He came with extra fuzzy stick on beard,mustache and goatee.I still have him and his kitchen brown checked cotton blazer with oversize snap front. So. Many years later.Or not so many...I fall in love with a movie star.......can you see the resemblance???? Is it at all possible that the first naked male I ever saw,even though it was a doll.shaped my future taste in men???

Posted at 10:15 pm by melsybop

August 19, 2005   08:21 PM PDT
hmmm but is the real thing anatomically correct or will you experience the same frustration that Barbie felt leading to the infamous divorce.
August 1, 2005   10:32 AM PDT

July 31, 2005   04:46 PM PDT
OMG! Even the signature eyebrows are the same!!!!

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