Entry: I wanna hold your hand Walk along the sand Laughing in the sun...... Friday, February 18, 2005

Melsy's Un-PC Pervness of the day...

We love a man in a rugby shirt,we do....

Even if he's from Boston...

even if..... :raises one eyebrow:

So is it the rough feel of the jersey knit against our bodies...or is it the thrill of nibbling the little rubber buttons.
That's Hot!


Mel of Amishland
February 22, 2005   08:59 PM PST
It is sick....hee hee....
February 22, 2005   07:50 PM PST
Aren't you married with children? That is just sick and wrong to lust after other men!
Mel of Amishland
February 18, 2005   07:12 PM PST
He is just "Google Image Guy In Rugby Shirt"

I wouldn't kick him outta my clubhouse....
Princess (Lina)
February 18, 2005   06:14 PM PST
He IS hot! Mmmm...
Miss Ginger
February 18, 2005   04:39 PM PST

Who is he?

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