Entry: I I I I I'm not your stepping stone................. Thursday, February 24, 2005

Product whore??Retail tomfool?

I know that person.....

So while shopping in my friendly neighborhood super-supermart(I live a grocers that sells clothing)I remember that the crockpot butter chicken I have stewing at home will need some rice...I did HAVE a smidge of Basmati left at home,but not enough for greedy P.

So over to the rice and rice accesories I jet and check out all the delicious assorments of ever-so-illegal carbs......

Well since I have great distaste for the "TWIG AND DUSTBUNNIE" basmati they sell in the bags I notice that they have a new and FANCY *TEXMATI* that is sold in a nice shiny *JAR*...oh sure it is half the size and twice the price of the twig one...but if it is in such a fancy jar it HAS TO BE GOOD!!!!

I am now and forever that woman you see who hands you over her gold card cause it matches the Golden Gate bridge you promised could be delivered by Friday.

In other news...*TEXMATI* did indeed meet all the *nutty and delicious* promises it made on it's label...minus the *woody and pungent* I missed from the twig assorment.....


March 3, 2005   02:46 PM PST
I wub yooooo. :bird:

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