Entry: what we'd love to give you and give it to you 1-2-3 Monday, April 25, 2005

Shutting Up Miss Ginger,not unlike Driving Miss Daisy.

But with MOVIES you need to talk to her s-l-o-w-l-y.

So feeling inspired by Miss Ginger's blah blah about Andrew McCarthy and her love of men who are in the closet...
I am inspired to talk about 80's movies and how they have affected my present life.

1.The Movie Heaven Help Us starring afformentioned Andrew Cakeboy was an all time fave of mine....a desert island pick...made me a fan of the song "I've Been Loving You.." by Otis Redding...and to this day ALL my romantic fantasies have that song playing in the background.*TMI afteralert*

2.The movie Less Than Zero made me pretty sure that I could not live without a 1980's BMW.Mind you I lived until 1999 without one.LOL.This Bret Easton Ellis adaptation didn't even make me want to kill myself,or others...unlike his other stories.

3.The movie An American Werewolf in London make a barely 13 year old Mel want to take a HOT shower with David Naughton.OK hell with pretty much anyone.

4.The movie My Own Private Idaho almost wasn't included here because it was released in 1991....but I will connect it with 1986's River's Edge as to WHY not everyone wants to have filthy sex with Keanu Reeves.Steamy bad boy sex with the Dead Guy in MOPI made that movie a must have...I am ordering the new version come May!Also...Who doesn't love a freaked out Crispin Glover...Barry(Man of many names here) and I saw his spoken word show years back...a man who collects turn of the century gynecological tables can't be ignored,can he???

5.And not to be forgotten...Class Of 1984...made me pretty damn sure,that if MY MOM WOULD LET ME,I would be a punk....plus Al Waxman was in this movie..he's a bigger Canadian icon than Johnny Rotten.

***Honorable mentions....(but too obvious)

Ferris Bueller...for good use of non-classtime.All we did was drink beer in my cabana.

The Breakfast Club...for Molly Ringwalds use of lipstick in the most talented fashion.

Valley Girl....cause that girl never did another blesserd thing and Nick Cage became a bazillionaire.

Fast Times...*DUH* I own his shoes.PLUS my first love STILL looks(and acts) like Jeff Spicolli).

Better Off Dead,Say Anything,The Sure Thing...John Cusack has remained on the top of my *MUSTFECK* list for 20 years.

I didn't even DARE name THE IDOLMAKER because I am 1000% sure I am the only person who OWNS an origianl hardcopy videocassete of this movie(the uberhard case...costs 100$!)Made for 15 years of lusting after Peter Gallagher *sigh*...time well spent,I say!


May 3, 2005   05:17 PM PDT
omg, how did I miss this great entry?!

I think I can pretty much give a nod of agreement to all of the above plus, add Repo Man to the list as it was my first "real date" movie, and I thought I was SOOOOOO rad to see it in a theatre at age 15. Oh yeah, for my big date, I was wearing a flatter verion of the, red shoes above and NUDE/suntan pantyhose, a jean miniskirt and red sweater. Yeah, that's REALLY "punk" huh? ;)
Miss Ginger
April 25, 2005   04:32 PM PDT
Who's the guy in the heels?

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