Entry: DISAPPOINTMENT HAUNTED ALL MY DREAMS.... Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Itty Bitty Big and Bouncy....a boy,a love letter and some lyrics. MMMM Robbie Williams.
As Tony Mareno.
Will he walk with a paint can?
Will he spray back his hair and show us his hairy chest?
Time will only tell. Bee Gees will spend 20 MILLION pounds to remake "Saturday Night Fever starring our rogue scout.

In other news .... Flooding is not just for memories.Or is it.

Washed up photos of pals and I once upon a day gone by were recovered from post K flooding at ChezMelsymums basement.
Was our bleached hair really that yellow?I thought we were very clever with toners and old lady lavenderlovely rinses.Obviously not.

Did I *really* go out with him (is she really gonna take him home tonight...cause if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going on around here...da dum...)...

A terribly pasty typed(on a REAL typewriter) love letter surfaced as well.Still sealed in it's privacy tomb(envelope) and addressed to the once love of my life(*Boy of Summer*)...

anon of course,since I had a steady boyfriend. *sigh*

For someone so cool I was a love sick fooooool.

That would be the title of my autobiography.

I should pack it up and send it to my ex love and still not sign it.It *is* dated January 26th 1986 though...would his *cougar* be jealous??*snicker*

Did you know if you Google "Love letters" you can get *SAMPLE LOVE LETTERS* to send to your one and only....why think up true thoughts and write them down when you can use and easy template of thoughts and ideas of someone elses???? *sigh* No wonder I don't write this crap down anymore.

::::: daudles off singing Patsy Cline lyrics ::::::


September 9, 2005   04:20 PM PDT
Girl now you just GOTTA scan and post those fab 80's pics!!!!!

I was in my attic and found, in an old diary, my bleached "rat tail" that, when I finnlly cut it off, I put tape around one end to keep it forever...why, I have no idea.

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