brandy101 » Awwww, Melllllllll! We need some posts!!
brandy101 » hey Mel - I hope you had a great Christmas! Here's to a great 2006!!
brandy101 » hi Mel...we need a new post!
Miss Ginger » So yeah *sips some Senseo again*, um, get posting. *siiipppp*
Miss Ginger » September SEVENTH!??!? Gahhh. Today, my dear, is the 26th. Almost THREE WEEKS since your last entry. *sips from her Senseo coffee, a machine graciously purchased via you*.
VampireActress » Greetings, just vampin about. Nice place here. ; ;
mers » AAARRRRGGG! Earworms, they are everywhere!!! I adore ya anyway, Melsy!
brandy101 » RE your comments on my blog: Mel, girl, you crack my ass up! Oh wait, it ALREADY has a crack in it
brandy101 » EXCELLENT (see my comment on your latest post)
Melsyslap » Circa 1987 I had a bF ken with a silver Lambretta. I also dated "Rob Th Mod" and hung in a place called the Roxy ...Good times!
brandy101 » And I do love the MOD boys...they're so "neat"
brandy101 » hahha, I think I STILL have that N. Kershaw 7" single "wouldn't it be good" somewhere in my basement!
brandy101 » thanks for the blog post, hon! I appreciated it and sometimes I think that might be (hopefully) where this ends up: healthy kids so I can give the docs the finger after its all done!
Mel of Famishedland » brain is though
Miss Ginger » I think your blog is broken.
Mel of Famishedland » Educated no stupid yes And when I say stupid I mean stupid fresh
Kevin » You are an under the cover angel! And sooooo friggin' HOT!!!!
Barry » Floozy? Takes one to know one!
Rebecca » go there^ clothes! its sooo cool! you will love it!
Mel of Famishedland » Har.
Miss Ginger » Mine?
Mel of Famishedland » Puts up middle finger.
Miss Ginger » March 28th?!?! Oh ferchrissake. Update!
Angelgrayson » Hopped from MissGinger...just checking things out. Have a great one!
Mel of Famishedland »
Sloppy Joe » Mel has to be the hottest lunch lady in the public school system!
Mel of Famishedland » *EHEM* I don't *touch* the lunch...I just watch they don't kill each other while eating it....
Herbilicious » You mean, you mean, a LUNCH LADY????????!!!! Melsy is a lunch lady Melsy is a lunch lady!!!
Melsy » Hey Hey...I am now a whole LUNCHTIME attendant...I am gone a full 45 minutes from my house
herbie » You work? I thought you sat on your ass all day and ate bonbons and those stupid-ass Canadian foods. :bird:
Princess Ven » Melsy, this journal is so two weeks ago. ROLLEYES Do something about it, huh?
Mel of Amishland » I *AM* working now y'know
herbie » Yes, please update this, you lazy *****!!
Miss Ginger » Would you update this thing, please? I need some readin' material thingy.
Mel of Amishland » *snort*
Dax » Woody and Pungent were my fave folk duo of the 1970's!
Mel of Amishland » Awww Dana....
DanaSW » Melsy. I love you! YOu are a favorite, you know that? Kiss kiss!
DanaSW » Melsy. I love you! YOu are a favorite, you know that? Kiss kiss!
Mel of Amishland » Very funny...pain in the ass.
S.H. » By the way, the H stands for Healy.
S.H. » Love the boys of summer story. Feel the same way.
Mel of Amishland » Awwww we love pale and dorky...that is why I am a 35 year old in love with "Seth" from the OC. OMG people will know I am 35. Actually I am 23
brandy101 » My husband brought home a pile of various "national" rugby shirts from his trip to Hong Kong; he looks little to nothing like the model in the pic, though He just looks kinda pale and dorky in them
Mel of Amishland » Not Aussie...but rub those who are
AMY » This blog is insanely cool. Are you Australian?
AMY » wow, loving the blog! Green rules!
Miss Ginger » Where's the "Glug Glug" emoticon???
Miss Ginger » February 1st was the most recent update?? Get moving, girl. In other news....we need to have a bingo party, the SAQ is reopening this week, apparently.
dax » I know about heartbreak
Ven » Hey Jezebel, what requirements do you have for your new clique? *taps foot*
Mel of Amishland » We had Greenburgs here in my local mall.I know there was one in Lasalle mall too.
stephanie » Melsy: I was reading your entry on your grandmother and blue snow suit. Where was Greenberg's? It's sounds so familiar. I remember eating a PikNik, I always had a hot dog --no relish!! LOL
Mel of Amishland » LMAO!!!!!!!!
Ven » Bert says he is keeping your underwear as a souvenier.
Miss Ginger » Jack Cassidy *before* the fire? Dax, keep our seats cool in Hell. (and keep the floozies away from our Rock Stars, we've got first dibs on most of 'em)
Mel of Amishland » INDEED!
Dax » This is the greatest blog on the internets! And Mel is the sexiest woman ever to be on the internets. I'm a little older, do you have any pictues of Jack Cassidy? Before the fire, I mean.
christine » i like your blog
Admin » Please check your contact form email.
Mel of Amishland » No pee...but I did try to kiss Glen Campbell in it!
Dax » A touching story about grandmothers. Mel, you write so beautifully! Move over Judy Blume! Did you ever pee in your snowsuit?
Mel of Amishland » Really? How about now?
furkidsmom » I'm getting a blank page
Mel of Amishland » For you and TIM singing and writing the song Abu Dhabi....says it all!Thanks for asking though!
Neil Finn » Why is my band in hell?
furkidsmom » ok.........went back and did research and found it!
furkidsmom » Hi mean Melsy! I am not sure where that link took doesn't seem to be the Anti Christ one.
Mel of Amishland » HI Ribbie!!!
Rib » Howdy, Melsy!
Nigel » What about my plans? Aren't they sacrituneiligious?!
Mel of Amishland » No Doubt. OOOH goes to see if Gwen Stephani is on there.....
Ven » I'll ride shotgun with ya Melsy. We'll know a lot of good people when we get there ~ it'll be a total hoot.
Mel of Amishland » better get outta here before God sees you Ven!
Ven » *holds Melsy's hand* awaiting the Crapture.
Mel of Amishland » Hey lifeguard boy....stop stalking me at Wendy's and maybe you woulda had a chance!
LifeGuard Boy » I'm so hurt!
Dax » What an amzing story. What great writing. So unique! What can't Mel do?!
c-shel » would like list of obscur 80's songs for mp3 svp
c-shel » Who is DH???? Cute are so multitalented
Mel of Amishland » Oh Sebina...always a hair out of place and a fag short....OH WAIT...That's me!!!
Sabina » Uh-oh, we're in trouble! We forgot where we left our fuckin careers! Blimey I need anofer vodka! Where's my fag?!
Dax » This is the coolest blog EVER!
Paul Hewson » Am I buggin ya? I don't mean to be buggin ya.
Your Royal Poetress » very intellectual
Your Royal Poetress » very intellectual
dax » I hope your sniffing lemons!
dax » if Mel and Barry started a band in the eighties, it would have been scissor sisters. Check out their site at, go to audio and play the video for take your mama.
Slim Goodbody » I heard something about Robbie Benson throwing a party? Anyone know about it? Anyone seen Mr.Greenjeans?
mel of Amishland » Cause I hotlinked...
Robert Watershipdown » why does your blog say "this image was stolen from"after "How can I love her...."?
Miss Ginger » LOL!
Mel Of Amishland » Settle down Spicy I am busy making out with Robby Benson.
Spicy » I can't believe she put me on the internets with this stupid hat! I better get some of those beef snack bites on that list!
Robbie Benson » Heyyyy, no one's buying my posters anymore. Hey, hey, lady, wanna buy a poster? I'll throw in a Willie Ames one for free, it's not like HE'S doing anything.
LeezaS » I love your blog!!
furkidsmom » Hi Spicy! xoxoxo Sniffie
Barry » Sorry. My mistake. Won't happen again. Really, really sorry. Totally my fault. I hope you all can forgive me. Sorry. Very sorry. I beg your pardon baby Jesus. Happy Birthday, anyway. Again, I'm sorry.
Moke » HelloooooooooooooMelsy! It's Skinnymocah. *mwwah!*
Chefchick » Hey Chickie! GREAT job on the blog AND....LOVE the new hair color!